Ammo/Firearm Transfers


Please read below before contacting us.

  • We can transfer your online ammunition order to our retail location.
  • We charge $50 ($10 state fee/$40 handling fee - per single transaction up to 5,000 rounds) to transfer your ammo to our retail location. Orders over 5,000 rounds will be charged an additional $40 handling fee for each quantity of 5,000 round increments - ie 8,000 rounds - $90 total - 14,000 rounds $130 total. etc..
  • We have to charge CA Sales Tax (9.25%) on the cost of your ammunition that crosses state lines or is not charged by in state dealers/sellers.
  • Do not call us for our FFL - it can be found HERE .
  • Upon your order confirmation from the company you are purchasing the ammo from - please forward your invoice/order via email to so we know about your order.
  • Check the tracking information that the supplier has provided to see if it has arrived at our retail location.
  • We will only release the ammunition to the person listed on the packing label by checking a valid ID or Drivers License.

 You will have 10 Days from the arrival of your ammunition to pick it up.

Up to 10 days: Free

11 – 20 Days: $50 fee

21 – 40 Days: $80 fee

41 – 60 Days $100 fee

 We will do our best to contact you as the ammunition arrives but it is up to you to be responsible and pick it up in a timely manner.

 By initiating an ammunition transfer, your agree to adhere to our rules, protocol and fees listed above.

Download FFL HERE

 AMMO Club Members receive reduced/waive transfer fees and a tailored ammo buying experience. If you are interested to see what the AMMO Club can offer you, please click the link HERE.



Before paying another dealer or distributor for a firearm, check out our special online-pricing at


We can facilitate firearm transfers.

1. Please be sure that if the firearm is a handgun - it is on the California Roster of Approved Handguns.

2. If it is a semi-auto rifle or shotgun, be sure it complies with California's Assault Weapon Regulations. It is your responsiblity to check these elements.

3. Call our shop at 408-628-4888 before you have a firearm shipped if you have any questions.

4. If a FFL sends a non-compliant firearm to our shop and we need to send it back - you will still be assessed a $75 transfer fee plus the cost of shipping if the sending FFL doesn't pay for return postage.


Have the dealer contact us at to let us know about the transfer.


We require the dealer to include:

1. CA Firearm Approval Shipping Letter.

2. Copy of their FFL.

3. Invoice with the purchaser's name, phone, email, description of the firearm with serial number, price paid, and if tax was collected.


A copy of our FFL is HERE that has our CFD number that a dealer will need to issue a CA Firearm Approval Shipping Letter. If a dealer is not registered with the CA DOJ - they can register HERE.


Pricing Is:

1. $75.00 processing fee for each firearm up to $1000 of value.

2. 10% of a firearm's value if over $1000 value - straight processing fee.

3. $37.19 to the mandatory state background check.

4. If you did not pay CA State sales tax, we are required to collect the CA 9.25% Use Tax.


If you fail the background check, fees are not refundable and if we are required to return the firearm to the shipper, you will be responsible for return shipping and any other associated costs.


By initiating an firearm transfer, your agree to adhere to our rules, protocol and fees listed above.