Ammo Transfers

Ammunition Transfer Protocol - Bullseye Bishop LLC


Please read below before contacting us.


  • We can transfer your online ammunition order to our retail location.
  • We charge $50 ($10 state fee/$40 handling fee - per single transaction up to 5,000 rounds) to transfer your ammo to our retail location. Orders over 5,000 rounds will be charged an additional $40 handling fee for each quantity of 5,000 round increments - ie 8,000 rounds - $90 total - 14,000 rounds $130 total. etc..
  • We have to charge CA Sales Tax (9.25%) on the cost of your ammunition that crosses state lines or is not charged by in state dealers/sellers.
  • Do not call us for our ammo vendors license. It can be found HERE < CLICK ME or if a seller requires our FFL - it can be found HERE .
  • Upon your order confirmation from the company you are purchasing the ammo from - please forward your invoice/order via email to so we know about your order.
  • Check the tracking information that the supplier has provided to see if it has arrived at our retail location.
  • We will only release the ammunition to the person listed on the packing label by checking a valid ID or Drivers License.


You will have 10 Days from the arrival of your ammunition to pick it up.

Up to 10 days: Free

11 – 20 Days: $50 fee

21 – 40 Days: $80 fee

41 – 60 Days $100 fee


We will do our best to contact you as the ammunition arrives but it is up to you to be responsible and pick it up in a timely manner.


By initiating an ammunition transfer, your agree to adhere to our rules, protocol and fees listed above.


Download AVL HERE.

Download FFL HERE


AMMO Club Members receive reduced/waive transfer fees and a tailored ammo buying experience. If you are interested to see what the AMMO Club can offer you, please click the link HERE.