KynSHOT RB5004 Marksman Recoil Buffer .308

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KynSHOT Marksman Recoil Buffer RB5004
Reduces Felt Recoil by 20-30%
Helps to Eliminate Muzzle Rise
Improvement In Weapon Accuracy
Helps with Follow Up Shots
.308 Winchester
2.5" Long Buffer
Other Compatible Cartridges such as .338 Federal, .260 Remington, and .243 Winchester using the M4 buffer tube
High Strength 17-4 Stainless Steel Construction
Natural Finish

Buffer is 2.5" long, and replaces buffers that are 2.5" long. Designed for 7.62mm/.308 AR style rifles with an M4 length buffer tube (which is 7" deep, and ¾" shorter than an ArmaLite AR-10 collapsible stock tube). This is a common factory stock arrangement on many factory .308 rifles such as DPMS, CMMG and many others.

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